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Samsung washing machine service centre in coimbatore


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Samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore. Samsung is one of the best washing machine manufacturing companies. They have been outstanding in innovations in the home appliance technology for years. In 1974 Samsung Company has started to manufacture the washing machine. They have been updating their design day by day to reach the peak of current washing machine technology.

We have carried out plenty of Samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore. Our company got lots of experience in repairing Samsung washing machines both new and old models. Our Samsung washing machine service engineers are well trained and capable to find all faults in and outs of all popular latest models.

We are the best Samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore Contact Us: 9345688437

Below are the types of Samsung washing machine service we handle:

  • Semi-automatic Top load Samsung washing machine service
  • Fully Automatic front load Samsung washing machine service
  • Fully Automatic top load Samsung washing machine service

Why Choose Us for Your Samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore?

  • We offer quick and efficient washing machine repair service in around Coimbatore.
  • All repairs are carried out in your home at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • We have very good maintenance and support plan
  • Next day visit at no Extra cost
  • Well trained and experienced engineers

Common problems with Samsung Washing Machine service we fix in around Coimbatore:

Washing machine Not Turn on:

  • Power Problem
  • Washing Machine motor Problem
  • Lid Switch, timer knob is not properly working

Not draining properly from the machine:

  • Visual inspection of drain hose to remove the clogs inside
  • Checking the filter in the drain hose
  • Inspection in Drain pump inlet to remove foreign particles
  • Checking the belt and pulley in the drain motor
  • Bearing seized on the pump, impeller blades have broken, and in most cases a new pump will fix the problem

Washing machine will not spin:

  • Too many clothes washed in the same load will become unbalanced and not properly spin.
  • Removing the foreign material from the drain pump, due to this you can avoid humming sound from the machine                
  • Replacing the new belt

Water leaking from washing machine:

  • Removing the rust or mineral deposit in the inlet valve
  • Replacing the inlet valve when it is damaged
  • Leak from door Seal from front load can be rectified
  • Changing the drain pump filter

Washer Won’t Complete the Cycle:

  • Troubleshoot the timer problem
  • Rectifying the Error in the Display
  • PCB and board Rework

We undertake a Washing machine cleaning service in Blue electronics coimbatore :

  • All detergent, fabric softener will dump and built up inside your washing machine. It should be removed to get a better washing experience.
  • Sometimes the waste and dirt that gets trapped inside the rubber seal should remove regularly.
  • Cleaning the drain hose by forcing water
  • Cleaning the debris and waste from inside the washing machine drum
  • We commonly use a recommended company cleaning liquid to clean your washing machine

Contact Us : 9345688437

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