Samsung AC Service in Coimbatore

Samsung AC Service in Coimbatore


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Best Samsung AC service in Coimbatore. An air conditioner is an important appliance used widely in all sectors, Nowadays the usage of aircon increased rapidly, so Samsung decided to start manufactures the Air conditioner in the year of 1969 to accomplish the market demand. Our technician works to ensure that our clients always receive a high quality of services. We have Highly-trained engineers with years of experience in Samsung AC service. Our experienced engineers will complete repair jobs at your doorstep, working quickly to ensure your air conditioning system experiences the minimum possible downtime.

Samsung ac service Coimbatore Common problems we handle:

  • Low refrigerant problem
  • Refrigerant leaks problem
  • Dirty condenser coils problem
  • Thermostat problem
  • Capacitors and breakers or fuses Issue
  • Compressor breakdown
  • Condenser coils problem
  • Clogged or dirty filter problem

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive Experienced Engineers
  • Dedicated Team and Quality solutions
  • Same day service at your doorstep
  • Aircon regular Maintenance support packages

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Samsung ac service in Coimbatore – General Servicing

  • Removal of dust and dirt from the air filter
  • Brushing and flushing of fan blower
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the water tray
  • Inspection of aircon fan and cover
  • We handle both window AC and split AC

Samsung ac service Coimbatore -Chemical Wash Includes:

  • Chemically disinfecting and removing the clogging of the air filter
  • Cleaning of interior filters
  • The chemical wash of cooling coil and fan
  • Flushing internally to remove the element causing odor
  • Checking the discharge temperature and pressure
  • Full Inspection of the unit           

Samsung ac service in Coimbatore – Chemical Overhaul Includes:

  • Aircon components are chemically treated.
  • Chemical disinfection on all filters to remove the odor
  • Rust is removed from all parts by chemical wash
  • We Clean the Air Conditioner drainage system with chemicals to solve the leakage problems.
  • Removing the air conditioner pipe blockages

Indoor Air conditioner Repair and service We handle:

  • Air conditioner leaking water
  • Air conditioner blowing hot air
  • when the Air conditioner Unit turns off suddenly
  • Temperature control not working
  • Replacement of malfunction air conditioner parts and installation

Outdoor Unit Servicing Includes:

  • Full washing of body panels, fans, and filters
  • The high-pressure wash of the interior Components
  • we Check the discharge temperature, pressure and gas levels
  • We Clear out blockages in the outdoor drainage system.
  • Full inspection of the outdoor unit

Gas Top Up Includes:

  • We check and clean the Air filter and front panel
  • Deodorizing filter and We check the ambient temperature
  • We Clean the indoor cooling coil.
  • We clean the condenser coil.

Contact Us: 9345688437

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