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LG is one of the leading brands which manufactured their first air conditioner in the late 1960s.In 2004 they sold more air conditioners than any other company in the world. In your home and office, the air conditioner becomes one of the essential appliances to keep you very comfortable throughout the day. Regular service is essential, which helps to run your AC smoothly and efficiently to keep your family more comfortable. Call Blue Electronics for routine servicing at least once a year. We provide the best LG AC service in Coimbatore. At our company, we have engineers who are well trained and experienced in servicing and fixing all models of LG brand air conditioners.

Type of LG Aircon Model we handle in Coimbatore:

  • Residential Air-conditioners
  • Split Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Inverter Multi-system Air Conditioner
  • Commercial Air-conditioners

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AC repair and service in Coimbatore:

  • Lg ac service in Coimbatore
  • Aircon chemical wash
  • Aircon repair
  • Aircon installation
  • Aircon overhaul
  • Freon gas top-up

The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems we handle:

Refrigerant is Leaking

The amount of refrigerant in the unit should exactly match the manufacturer’s specifications. Low refrigerant is rare, and if your AC unit is less on refrigerant, a leak is the common problem and needs to be solved immediately.

 Blower Motor Won’t Turn On

AC has two different breakers, one is a condenser breaker, and another one is a fan breaker. While starting the blower motor it is not turned on there will be a problem in the breakers, so we need to change to solve the problem

The Aircon Coil Is Frozen

  • Airflow is restricted due to dirty filter
  • AC is low on refrigerant
  • The temperature outside is too low—usually happens at overnight
  • Broken parts may be the reason

Generating Noise:

Air Conditioner will create noise like stand scraping, whistling, and squealing. This noise is coming due to the belt slipping out of the place or friction between the parts. Lubrication has to be done periodically to avoid such noises.

Blows out Warm:

Some times when your AC blows out hot or warm air, this may happen due to irregular maintenance. AC produces hot air because of the malfunctioning of refrigerants, thermostats, or compressors. Dirty air filter units also cause this issue.

Bad Odour:

Bad odor causes due to irregular cleaning, deposition of dirt, grime, and dust in the unit or AC drain. These are the main reason for the bad odor.

Why Customers Choose Us

  • Providing regular services like Filters replacement, Coil Vacuum, and routine inspection
  • Well experienced LG AC service Engineer
  • Our work is reliable and trusted by many LG air conditioner customers
  • Same-day Appointment and service at your doorstep
  • Professional maintenance and repair services at Coimbatore
  • We handle all models of the LG air conditioners

Contact Us: 9345688437

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