IFB Washing Machine Service Centre in Coimbatore

IFB washing machine service centre in coimbatore


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IFB washing machine service in coimbatore. IFB washing machine is an Indian brand, selling high-quality durable Machines. IFB is mainly concentrating in terms of performance, durability, and customer satisfaction. IFB offers better wash quality and reduces detergent consumption in the area with hard water.

Sometimes it will create some issues when it comes to repairing, we offer, quick high standard and efficient IFB Washing machine service in Coimbatore. Our well trained engineer can easily identify the problem, so your appliance repair is done quickly as soon as possible. Therefore, you can easily choose the date and time for the repairing service of your washing machine as per your choice and requirements.

Below are the types of washing machine we handle in Coimbatore:

  • 6.5kg-8kg IFB washing machine service
  • Fully automatic IFB washing machine service
  • Top loading IFB washing machine service
  • Front-loading IFB washing machine service
  • Commercial IFB washing machine service

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There are some causes from which an IFB washing machine can stop working, few are mentioned below:

  • Using boring water instead of tap water
  • Sudden jerk
  • Putting overweight on the control panel
  • Corrosion formation on the tub axil
  • Short circuit
  • Not draining
  • Wash cycle takes too long
  • Clothes are still moist after the spin cycle
  • Detergent not being consumed
  • Not cleaning or drying properly

Common Faults:

  1. The washer is making strange sounds and vibrations.
  2. The washer won’t run or stops mid-cycle.
  3. Water won’t drain.
  4. Water does not extract out during the spin cycle.
  5. The basket is slow or won’t spin

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We undertake a Washing machine cleaning service in Blue electronics Coimbatore:

  • All detergent, fabric softener will dump and built up inside your washing machine. It should be removed to get a better washing experience.
  • Sometimes the waste and dirt that gets trapped inside the rubber seal should remove regularly.
  • Cleaning the drain hose by forcing water
  • Cleaning the debris and waste from inside the washing machine drum
  • We commonly use a recommended company cleaning liquid to clean your washing machine

Contact Us : 9345688437

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