Daikin AC Service centre in Coimbatore

Daikin AC Service centre in Coimbatore


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Daikin AC Service in Coimbatore – Daikin Air conditioner is a global leader of commercial use and manufacturing a high range of air conditioning systems. The Aircon is not performing or having any issues? When you need an air conditioner service? Blue electronics have been providing reliable and effective AC services around Coimbatore. Our team of well experienced and qualified technicians is committed to providing you with great cooling solutions in a hassle freeway.

Common problems we handle:

Signs that your Aircon may need attention:

  • Weird noises coming from the Aircon
  • An unusual smell
  • Not receiving the airflow
  • Drainpipe disturbed
  • Sensor issue
  • Problem Remote control setting
  • The foul smell while switching on the Aircon
  • Compressor issue

Why choose us?

  • Well qualified engineers
  • We carry out the service at your doorstep
  • 24/7 Customer care support is available
  • We prompt and professional cleaning facility

“There is a reason people choose Blue electronics Fast, Response times, high standard, professional engineers” Contact Us: 9345688437

Daikin ac service in Coimbatore – General Servicing:

  • Repairs and interruption assessments for Air Conditioning
  • Proper maintenance for your air conditioning device
  • Installations and repair of air conditioners for all brands
  • Extensive cleaning

Benefits of regular maintenance:

If you provide regular maintenance to your Air conditioner system, then it will automatically increase your air conditioner life and provide suitable cooling to your room.

There are some advantages of air conditioning problems mentioned below:

  • Extend the lifespan of your unit
  • Reduced power bills
  • Tackle all the problems before they cause an issue or get bigger
  • Helping your unit to perform at its high standard
  • Regular maintenances of your air conditioner guarantee that your place receives clean, healthy and bacteria-free air
  • Deep cleaning inside the unit makes the filters more proficient of removing flying dust particles and allergens

Daikin ac service in Coimbatore – Thermostat Check:

  • We use a laser temperature device to ensure thermostats are working correctly.
  • The thermostat check perfectly keeps your home at the chosen temperature.

Daikin ac service in Coimbatore- Check and disinfect:

  • All hardware modules within the Air conditioner components will be tested to ensure correct functionality.
  • It also checks Air conditioner filters, vents, and drainage.

Daikin ac service in Coimbatore- Evaporator and Condenser Coil:

  • The aircon runs through the coils and the heat turns it into a gas When either of these coils needs repairs, Blue electronics has your back
  • We can recommend and repair the perfect system for your home.

Contact Us: 9345688437

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