AC service

AC service
28 Sep

Carrier AC Service in Coimbatore

Benefits of Regular Air conditioner Service:

  • Once in a year service can help to maintain your performance and efficiency
  • Reduce the electricity bills
  • You can get Clean and ambient air
  • Prevent bad odours
  • Regular maintenance can increase the life span of the air conditioner

Common Air conditioner problems :

Over the time of period, Ac runs you might experience the below-mentioned issues

Water leakage:

The water leakage from the air conditioner is the burden to clean the floor, which may lead to further problems and eventual air conditioner replacement. There are several reasons why water leaks from the unit. The qualified service engineer will find the root cause of the problem and troubleshoot the air conditioner as soon as possible. When leakage is not immediately taken care of it will damage certain parts of the unit.

Air Conditioner is not Turning On:

When you switch on the air conditioner it refuses to turn on? Below are the main reasons for the problem

  • Blown fuse or a circuit breaker tripping
  • Issue in thermostat
  • Foreign body deposited inside the system.
  • Accumulation of the dust over the period may Damage the compressor.
Blows out Warm:

Some times when your AC blows out hot or warm air, this may happen due to irregular maintenance. AC produces hot air because of the malfunctioning of refrigerants, thermostats, or compressors. Dirty air filter units also cause this issue.

Bad Odor:

Bad odor causes due to irregular cleaning, deposition of dirt, grime, and dust in the unit or AC drain. These are the main reason for the bad odor.

Gas Pipe Leakage:

When the Air conditioner becomes old or damaged in the gas pipe will lead to gas leakage. Most of the gas leaks are not as easy to detect when compared to water leakage. Indoor unit gas leakage is easily noticeable when compared to the outdoor unit. The unpleasant odor will come from the indoor unit.

Generating Noise:

Air Conditioner will create noise like stand scraping, whistling, and squealing. This noise is coming due to the belt slipping out of the place or friction between the parts. Lubrication has to be done periodically to avoid such noises.

Compressor Not Running:

When your air conditioner compressor refusing to switch on,

Several reasons are causing this issue. We need to check the start relay, valves, the capacitor, and terminal connections are functioning normally. Otherwise, you need to call the service company to fix the problem.

Blinking Light:

In the air Conditioner, you may notice the blinking light. The blinking light denotes the warning sign of your air conditioner and needs immediate attention. Below mentioned points are the reason for the blinking light.

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Faulty Compressor
  • Dust in the filter
  • Electrical issue

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